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The American Soccer League (ASL) is a Pro Team developmental league that provides American soccer players and teams with professional playing opportunities as well as a direct pathway into the major soccer leagues around the world.

All our games are aired on LIVE Internet Feeds allowing the maximum playing experience for fans, players and scouts.  Starting in the Fall of 2018, the ASL will be providing teams and their fans with more opportunity than ever before.  New look, new opportunities, but the same mission in preparing and moving American players to the next level.

Global Coordinator & Strategic Advisor -- Matt Driver


For several years the American Soccer League has been dedicated to the development of the American Soccer player. In that time, there has been significant changes in the landscape of the Professional and National game.

We also have moved with the times and the demands of what the American Soccer Player and American Fan want and what they ultimately like to see in their hometown stadiums and that is for American players to continue to compete at the Professional and International level.
It is due to this we to have decided it is time to modify the structure of our league that we have also decided to allow Amateur players to compete alongside the mostly Professional players providing that they have decided to forego any collegiate opportunities in the future.
By allowing this we can play our part in not only creating more playing opportunities for the US player to play and to aspire to the next level

On that topic, the ASL is to be committed to the clubs in the market and has reduce the fee to entry the ASL and still provided additional benefits to the clubs so that we are competitive not only on the Soccer field but also on price and service as to what a league should provide its members, the league is there to be a platform for teams to step on to and perform and not to burden them with undue financial pressure.

For more information please email Matt Driver at Matt.driver@philadelphiafury.com


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